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What is the role of guru?

The role of a guru varies depending on the cultural and spiritual context, but generally, a guru is a teacher or spiritual guide who helps their disciples or students on their path towards enlightenment, self-realization, or personal growth.

In Hinduism, the guru is considered to be a spiritual guide who leads their disciple from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge). The guru is seen as a representative of the divine and is believed to possess a special kind of spiritual power, or shakti, which they can impart to their disciples.

In Buddhism, a guru or spiritual teacher is someone who has attained a high level of realization and can help their students on the path towards enlightenment by providing guidance, teachings, and practices.

In many spiritual traditions, the role of the guru is to help the student or disciple overcome their ego and develop a deeper connection with the divine or spiritual reality. This is often accomplished through a combination of instruction, meditation, and personal example.

Ultimately, the role of a guru is to guide and support their students on their spiritual journey, helping them to overcome obstacles, deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them, and ultimately reach their full potential.
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