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What is game B?

Game B is a term that has been used to describe a possible alternative to the current socioeconomic system, with the aim of creating a more sustainable, just, and fulfilling world.

The concept of Game B is based on the idea that the current global economic system, often referred to as Game A, is not sustainable and is creating many problems for society and the environment. The proponents of Game B suggest that a new system, which is more focused on collaboration, innovation, and mutual aid, could be developed as an alternative to Game A.

The term Game B comes from the idea that this new system would be like a second game, distinct from the current economic game. It is based on the principles of shared value creation, environmental sustainability, and a more just and equitable distribution of resources.

Proponents of Game B suggest that this new system would require significant changes to the current economic and social structures, including the way we think about work, ownership, and cooperation. They believe that Game B would prioritize human well-being, and that it would require a cultural shift towards collaboration, trust, and mutual aid.

While the concept of Game B is still largely theoretical, it has gained attention from some individuals and organizations who are interested in exploring alternative socioeconomic systems that prioritize sustainability, justice, and well-being for all.
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