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What is the meaning of the Islamic concept of tawhid?

Tawhid is a central concept in Islamic theology that refers to the belief in the oneness and unity of God. It is the fundamental principle of Islam and is considered the cornerstone of Muslim faith.

Tawhid asserts that there is only one God, Allah, who is the sole creator, sustainer, and ruler of the universe. It also emphasizes that God has no partners, no equals, and no intermediaries, and that He is not confined to any physical or material form. Muslims believe that the belief in tawhid is a prerequisite for acceptance of Islam and the attainment of salvation.

The concept of tawhid is not limited to the belief in the unity of God, but also encompasses the oneness of God's attributes, such as His power, knowledge, and mercy. It also includes the recognition that all acts of worship and devotion should be directed solely to God and that no one and nothing else should be worshipped or revered as divine.

In essence, tawhid emphasizes the pure and undivided worship of God and the rejection of all forms of polytheism, idolatry, or association of partners with God. It is a fundamental concept that is deeply ingrained in Islamic thought and practice and is considered the foundation of Islamic faith and theology.
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