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What all people are interested in now?

It's difficult to say what all people are interested in, as interests and passions vary widely from person to person. However, there are some common themes and trends that many people seem to be interested in currently:

  1. Health and wellness: Many people are focused on maintaining and improving their physical and mental health, through activities such as exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.
  2. Technology and innovation: With the rapid pace of technological change, many people are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and exploring new ways to use technology in their lives.
  3. Personal growth and self-improvement: Many people are seeking to grow and develop as individuals, through activities such as education, self-reflection, and mindfulness practices.
  4. Environmental issues: With growing concerns about the impact of human activity on the planet, many people are interested in learning more about environmental issues and taking steps to live more sustainably.
  5. Social and political issues: In a world that is increasingly interconnected and complex, many people are engaged with important social and political issues, including topics such as inequality, diversity, and human rights.

These are just a few examples of the many interests and passions that people may have. Ultimately, the things that people are interested in will depend on their unique circumstances, experiences, and perspectives.
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