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Describe the guru and the projection room analogy?

The guru and the projection room analogy is a metaphor often used to explain the relationship between the individual self (the ego) and the higher self (the true self or spiritual self) in the context of spiritual practice.

The analogy compares the individual self to a person sitting in a movie theater, watching a movie on the screen. The ego is like the person in the theater, focused on the movie and identifying with the characters and the story. The higher self, on the other hand, is like the projectionist in the projection room, who is aware of the entire movie and how it is being projected onto the screen.

The guru is seen as a spiritual teacher who can guide the individual self towards a greater awareness of the higher self, much like the projectionist can adjust the projection of the movie to ensure that it is being displayed properly on the screen.

In this analogy, the guru is not seen as an authority figure or someone to be worshipped, but rather as a guide or facilitator who can help the individual self to transcend the limitations of the ego and access the higher self. Through meditation, contemplation, and other spiritual practices, the individual self can learn to detach from the ego and connect with the higher self, ultimately experiencing a sense of unity and oneness with the divine.
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