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What is the visual effect when you glaze at yantra?

The visual effect when you gaze at a yantra can vary from person to person, but there are some common experiences that many people report.

One of the most common visual effects is a feeling of stillness or calmness. As you focus on the yantra, your mind can become more still and quiet, and you may feel a sense of peace and relaxation.

Another common effect is that the yantra may appear to be moving or vibrating. This can be a result of the way the geometric patterns and shapes interact with your visual perception, and can create a sense of energy and vitality.

Some people may also experience visual distortions or illusions, such as seeing colors or patterns that are not actually present in the yantra. These effects can be a result of the way the yantra interacts with the mind and consciousness, and can be a sign of deeper states of awareness and perception.

Overall, the visual effect of gazing at a yantra can be a powerful and transformative experience, and can help facilitate deeper states of meditation, awareness, and consciousness.
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