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Why people try to unite different religions in one?

People try to unite different religions into one for a variety of reasons, including a desire for greater understanding, respect, and cooperation among different religious communities. Many people believe that the world's religious traditions share important values and beliefs, such as the importance of love, compassion, and justice, and that by coming together and celebrating these shared values, they can help to build a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Another reason people seek to unite different religions is a belief that there is a common core of truth at the heart of all religious traditions. Some people believe that all religions are ultimately pointing to the same ultimate reality, and that by looking past the surface differences between traditions, we can find a deeper unity that transcends them.

Finally, some people believe that unifying different religious traditions can help to create a more inclusive and accepting society, where people of all beliefs are able to coexist and work together towards common goals. By bringing people from different religious backgrounds together, they can help to break down barriers of mistrust and misunderstanding, and promote greater tolerance and understanding.
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