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Why contemporary people want to live in tribes?

Contemporary people may also want to live in tribes for many of the same reasons as in the past, including a desire for safety and security, support and belonging, sharing of resources, cultural heritage, and shared values and beliefs. Additionally, there are some contemporary factors that may contribute to the desire to live in tribes, including:

  1. Search for community: In a world where many people feel disconnected from others, the desire to belong to a tight-knit community can be strong. Living in a tribe can provide a sense of connectedness and purpose that can be difficult to find in larger, more impersonal communities.
  2. Alternative lifestyles: Some people seek to live in tribes as a way of pursuing alternative lifestyles that may be at odds with mainstream society. For example, some people may choose to live in intentional communities focused on environmental sustainability, spiritual growth, or other shared values.
  3. Search for simplicity: In a world that can feel fast-paced and overwhelming, living in a tribe can offer a simpler, more grounded way of life that is focused on community, connection, and shared values.
  4. Escape from modern pressures: Some people may seek out tribal living as a way to escape the pressures and stress of modern life, such as long working hours, financial insecurity, and constant digital connectivity.

Overall, the desire to live in tribes can be a response to contemporary challenges and the search for meaning and connection in a complex world.
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