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What is New Age altar?

In the New Age movement, an altar is a sacred space that is used for spiritual practices, such as meditation, prayer, and ritual. An altar can be a physical space, such as a table or shelf, or it can be an energetic space created through visualization and intention.

The New Age altar typically includes a variety of items that are believed to have spiritual significance and power, such as crystals, candles, incense, and sacred objects from various cultures and traditions. These objects are chosen for their ability to promote spiritual energy, connection to the divine, and personal growth.

Many New Age practitioners believe that the items on the altar can be infused with energy and intention through meditation, prayer, or other forms of spiritual practice. Some also believe that the items on the altar can help to create a sacred space and to connect the practitioner with higher spiritual realms and energies.

The exact composition and design of a New Age altar can vary widely depending on the individual practitioner, their spiritual beliefs, and their personal preferences. Some may choose to include statues or images of deities or spiritual figures, while others may focus more on natural elements, such as plants and stones.

Overall, the New Age altar is a personal and sacred space that is used for spiritual practice and connection to the divine. It is seen as a way to bring spiritual energy and intention into daily life and to promote personal growth and transformation.
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