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What do you know about sexual practices in harem?

Historically, harems were households in which women lived in seclusion from men. In some cultures, harems were associated with sexual practices and the sexual servicing of the men who lived outside of the harem.

However, it's important to note that harem sexual practices varied widely depending on the time period, culture, and social status of those involved. Additionally, because harems were often cloistered from the outside world, much of what is known about sexual practices in harems comes from second-hand accounts and rumors, rather than firsthand observations.

That being said, there are many myths and stereotypes surrounding harem sexual practices that have been perpetuated in popular culture. For example, it is often assumed that the women in a harem were all sexually subservient to the man who owned the harem, or that the women were all engaged in sexual activities with each other. While there may have been instances of sexual exploitation or coercion within some harems, it's also important to recognize that these were complex social institutions with many different dynamics at play.

Overall, it's difficult to make broad generalizations about sexual practices in harems, as they varied greatly depending on the time period, culture, and social status of those involved. It's important to approach the subject with sensitivity and to avoid perpetuating myths and stereotypes about these complex historical institutions.
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