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What we know about time from 300 000 years ago until first written documents?

From the time period of 300,000 years ago until the earliest written documents, which date back to around 5,000 years ago, there is limited direct evidence of human history and culture. However, there are several lines of indirect evidence, such as archaeology, anthropology, and genetics, that can provide insights into human development and behavior during this time period.

Archaeological evidence, such as tools, art, and structures, can provide information on human technological and cultural development, while anthropological evidence, such as bones and fossils, can give us insights into physical and biological evolution. Genetic evidence can reveal patterns of migration and interbreeding among different human populations.

Based on this indirect evidence, it is believed that early humans lived as hunter-gatherers and gradually developed more complex societies and cultures, leading to the development of agriculture, the rise of civilizations, and the creation of written languages and early forms of government.
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