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What are the rules in Game~B?

The concept of Game B is still largely theoretical and evolving, and there is no set of fixed rules or guidelines that everyone who advocates for Game B necessarily follows. However, there are some general principles and ideas that have been proposed as a foundation for the development of a more sustainable and just global socioeconomic system.

Some of the principles that are often associated with Game B include:

  1. Regeneration: Game B prioritizes the regeneration and restoration of natural ecosystems and human communities, rather than the extraction of resources for short-term gain.
  2. Mutualism: Game B emphasizes cooperation, mutual aid, and shared value creation, rather than competition and individualism.
  3. Distributed ownership: Game B promotes a more equitable and democratic distribution of resources and power, with a focus on locally owned and managed enterprises.
  4. Cultural evolution: Game B recognizes the importance of cultural evolution and the development of new social norms and values that prioritize sustainability, justice, and well-being.
  5. Openness and experimentation: Game B encourages experimentation, learning, and the sharing of knowledge and ideas across different communities and cultures.

Overall, the idea of Game B is still in its early stages of development and there is no set of fixed rules or guidelines. However, the concept is based on the idea of creating a more sustainable and just global socioeconomic system that prioritizes human well-being and environmental regeneration.
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