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Tell me more about 248 in Jewish tradition

In Jewish tradition, the number 248 is considered significant because it is the number of body parts, or "limbs," in the human body, according to some interpretations of the Talmud.

The Talmud is a central text of Jewish law and tradition, comprising the Mishnah (a collection of Jewish oral tradition) and the Gemara (a commentary on the Mishnah). In the Talmudic tractate Niddah, it states that "The fetus is formed from 248 limbs" (Niddah 30b). This has been interpreted to mean that there are 248 specific body parts in the human body, including organs, bones, and muscles.

In addition, the number 248 is sometimes associated with the mitzvot, or commandments, in Jewish tradition. According to some sources, there are 248 positive commandments in the Torah, which correspond to the 248 limbs of the human body. This interpretation suggests that the performance of each commandment corresponds to a specific body part, and that through the performance of these commandments, a person can achieve spiritual wholeness and completeness.

Overall, the number 248 holds a special significance in Jewish tradition, representing the completeness and integrity of the human body and the connection between physical and spiritual well-being.
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