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What kind of visualization?

In Cabalistic meditation, visualization is used as a tool to help focus the mind and connect with the spiritual aspects of the universe. Visualization techniques can vary and can include imagining the structure of the sefirot, the ten attributes of God in Cabalistic philosophy, or visualizing oneself as being surrounded by divine light.

One example of a Cabalistic visualization involves imagining the sefirot, which are the ten attributes or emanations through which God created the world. Each sefirah is associated with a different aspect of God's nature and the meditation involves imagining oneself ascending through the sefirot, becoming increasingly connected to the divine.

Another example of Cabalistic visualization involves imagining oneself surrounded by divine light, which is associated with the concept of the "Divine Presence." This visualization aims to cultivate a sense of being in the presence of God and to experience the divine light that permeates the universe.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other visualization techniques used in Cabalistic meditation. The specific techniques used can vary depending on the practitioner's personal beliefs and goals, as well as the particular tradition within Cabalah that they are following.
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