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Can buddhists have children?

Buddhists can have children, and many do. Having children is not considered to be in conflict with Buddhist teachings, and raising children is seen as an opportunity for spiritual growth and development. In Buddhism, the concept of dependent origination teaches that all things arise in dependence upon other factors, so having children is seen as a natural part of life, and not as something to be avoided or rejected.

Buddhism also places a strong emphasis on the importance of compassion and altruism, and raising children is often seen as an opportunity to cultivate these qualities. Many Buddhist parents strive to raise their children with values of kindness, generosity, and respect for others.

It's also important to note that within Buddhism, there are different traditions, and some may have different views on having children. Some Buddhist monastic traditions discourage lay people to not have children, as it can be considered as a distraction from spiritual practice. But for lay people, having children is not seen as an obstacle to spiritual practice, and many Buddhist parents find that raising children can be a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development.
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