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Do people use money at Burning Man?

No, money is not used at Burning Man. The event operates on a gift economy, where participants are encouraged to bring and share resources, food, and other necessities without the expectation of receiving anything in return. The idea behind this principle is to create a temporary society where people can interact freely and authentically, without the constraints of a monetary system.

While there is no buying and selling of goods and services at Burning Man, participants are still encouraged to be self-sufficient and bring everything they need to survive for the week, including food, water, shelter, and clothing. Some participants also bring items to gift to others, such as artwork, massages, or other services.

It's worth noting that while money is not used at Burning Man, there are some practical considerations that require the use of money, such as paying for transportation, camping fees, and other expenses related to attending the event. However, these transactions are limited to the practical aspects of attending the event and are not meant to be part of the gift economy that is at the heart of Burning Man.
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