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What is the Islamic concept of the Day of Judgment?

In Islamic theology, the Day of Judgment is also known as the Day of Resurrection, the Last Day, or the Hour. It is a fundamental belief in Islam that at the end of time, God will resurrect all human beings and judge them according to their deeds. This judgment will determine their eternal destiny, either in Paradise or in Hell.

According to Islamic teachings, the Day of Judgment will be preceded by a series of signs and events that will occur in the world, including the appearance of the Antichrist, the coming of the Mahdi (a messianic figure in Islamic eschatology), and the return of Jesus Christ. These events will culminate in the blowing of the Trumpet, which will signal the end of the world and the resurrection of the dead.

On the Day of Judgment, each individual will stand before God and be held accountable for their actions in this life. The good deeds of the believers will be weighed against their bad deeds, and God will judge them with justice and mercy. Those who have lived a righteous life and followed God's commands will be rewarded with eternal life in Paradise, while those who have rejected God's message and committed evil deeds will be punished with eternal damnation in Hell.

In Islamic teachings, the Day of Judgment is a reminder to believers to live their lives with righteousness, justice, and compassion, and to strive for the pleasure of God. It is also a source of hope and comfort for those who have suffered injustice or oppression in this world, as they believe that God's justice will be fully realized on that Day.
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