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What is the goal of Zen Buddhism?

The goal of Zen Buddhism, also known as "Zazen," is to achieve enlightenment, or "Satori," which is a state of profound spiritual awakening and insight. Zen Buddhism emphasizes the practice of meditation as the means to achieve this goal.

Unlike other forms of Buddhism, Zen places less emphasis on textual study and ritual, and instead focuses on direct experience and intuitive understanding. The goal of Zen is not simply to gain knowledge or insight, but to transcend the limitations of the mind and experience reality directly.

In Zen, the practice of meditation is central to achieving this goal. Through meditation, practitioners aim to quiet the mind and achieve a state of heightened awareness and concentration. This state of mindfulness is said to reveal the true nature of reality and help practitioners overcome delusion and attachment.

Ultimately, the goal of Zen is to attain enlightenment, which is not a fixed state but a continual process of growth and awakening. It is said that through Zen practice, one can cultivate greater wisdom, compassion, and understanding, and ultimately achieve a state of profound peace and contentment.
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