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How is event horizon connected with time travelling?

The concept of event horizons is related to time travel in the sense that some theoretical models of time travel involve the use of black holes and their event horizons.

According to some theories of general relativity, if a person were to travel near the event horizon of a rotating black hole and then return to a point near the black hole at a later time, they could effectively travel back in time relative to an outside observer. This is known as the "closed timelike curve" hypothesis.

However, this is a highly speculative and controversial idea, and there is currently no experimental evidence to support it. Furthermore, even if it were possible to travel back in time using a black hole, it would likely require the use of technology that is far beyond our current capabilities.

It's worth noting that the idea of using black holes for time travel is purely theoretical and has not been proven to be possible. The behavior of black holes and their event horizons is still an active area of research, and there is much that we still do not know about these mysterious objects.
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