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What is the Hindu concept of bhakti?

Bhakti is a central concept in Hinduism that refers to the devotional love and surrender towards a personal god or divine reality. It is a form of spiritual practice that is focused on developing an intimate and loving relationship with a deity or deities.

In the practice of bhakti, the devotee seeks to establish a personal connection with the divine through various forms of worship, such as prayer, meditation, chanting, and rituals. The goal of bhakti is to cultivate a deep and sincere love for the divine and to surrender one's ego and desires to the will of the divine.

Bhakti can be practiced in various forms and with different deities, depending on the individual's preference and spiritual inclination. Some devotees may worship a single deity exclusively, while others may worship multiple deities. The practice of bhakti is characterized by an intense emotional involvement, often accompanied by ecstatic experiences, such as singing, dancing, and chanting.

Bhakti is considered one of the main paths to liberation in Hinduism, alongside other paths, such as karma yoga (the path of selfless action), jnana yoga (the path of knowledge), and raja yoga (the path of meditation). In the practice of bhakti, the emphasis is not on achieving personal liberation but on developing a loving relationship with the divine. It is believed that through this relationship, the devotee can attain spiritual enlightenment and ultimately merge with the divine.
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