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What do you know about sexual practices in turkish harem?

The Ottoman Empire, which was centered in what is now modern-day Turkey, is perhaps the best-known historical example of a harem culture. The harems of the Ottoman Empire were complex social institutions with many different functions, and sexual practices within the harem were only one part of a much larger picture.

That being said, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to this question, as our knowledge of sexual practices within the Ottoman harem is limited and often based on second-hand accounts and rumors. However, based on the available historical records, it is clear that sexual practices within the Ottoman harem were highly regulated and strictly controlled.

The Sultan was the ultimate authority in the harem, and he had the power to select his own wives and concubines from among the women who lived there. Sexual relationships within the harem were strictly hierarchical, with the Sultan at the top of the pyramid and his female subjects ranked according to their social status and their relationship to the Sultan.

It is worth noting that the sexual practices within the Ottoman harem were not just about pleasure or procreation. In many cases, the relationships between the women in the harem and the Sultan were closely tied to issues of power and politics, and women in the harem often wielded significant influence over the affairs of state.

Overall, the sexual practices within the Ottoman harem were complex and multifaceted, and cannot be easily reduced to a simple set of practices or behaviors. It's important to approach the subject with sensitivity and to avoid perpetuating myths and stereotypes about these complex historical institutions.
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