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What is samadhi?

Samadhi is a state of deep meditation and spiritual absorption in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is considered to be the highest level of consciousness and the ultimate goal of spiritual practice in many of these traditions.

In Hinduism, samadhi is the final stage of yoga, in which the individual self (jiva) is absorbed into the divine self (Atman). In Buddhism, it is the final stage of the Eightfold Path, in which the mind is completely absorbed in the present moment and is freed from the cycle of birth and death.

During samadhi, the mind is said to be completely still and free from all distractions and thoughts, allowing for a deep sense of inner peace and spiritual understanding. It is often described as a state of pure awareness and consciousness in which the distinction between the self and the world dissolves.

It's worth mentioning that the concept of Samadhi is not unique to tantra, it's a concept that is present in many spiritual traditions, and the specific practices and methods for achieving samadhi may vary depending on the tradition.
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